some food ideas gone insane

February 12, 2009

i’m all about a meal to fill me up and taste great. some people have taken their culinary creativity to the next level of borderline disgusting. i’m a meat eater for sure but some of this stuff makes my stomach turn.

a sloppy joe on a krispy kreme donut?

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i know a lot of you have heard of the turducken during thanksgiving time. it’s a chicken inside of a duck which is inside of a turkey. well this here goes one better and wraps all that poultry goodness in bacon. does bacon really make everything better?

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i love my in-n-out burgers. i usually get a double-double and could possibly eat a 3×3 if i were every so hungry to try. this one here is enough to feed a full house of frat boys. introducing the in-n-out 100×100. cost looks to be about $100.00.

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