some of my buddies girls

February 26, 2009

my friend is firearm heavy. super conservative, nra, and everything that comes with. whatever your views, you can’t deny the beauty of these babies.

here are some of the girls together.

the big dog.

glock 19 with extended mag.

springfield 1911.


February 12, 2009

nothing like some good snacks to go with a few cold beers. here are some of the goodies that i had along with some budweiser tall boys. the beef jerky is a requirement and the hot fries are a bonus. something i’m sure no one has ever tried before is the beef jerky with el taurino salsa verde. i just discovered this thing of beauty last night. i bet people go to el taurino thinking the burritos are what make it so desirable but it is really the sauce that sets it off. as you can see, i got a large cup of el taurino sauce in a different container. i used the beef jerky as if they were chips and dipped it in the sauce. let me tell you, that combo is just heavenly. i think that salsa would make bull testicles taste great.

a group shot of the munchies.

here is that crack they call salsa verde, i really think they sprinkle crack on the salsa. after all, el taurino is located in a known gang/crack neighborhood.

to all the online shopaholics

February 12, 2009

even through this “recession” and “economic downturn,” people will still go out and buy things of want and not of necessity. if you are one of these people, as i can tend to be, here is a website that has coupon code for discounts ranging from free shipping to 50% off and more. type in the website and it will search it’s database for codes. they even got discounts. enjoy kids.

retail me not

danny cho as kim jong il

February 11, 2009

here are some funny ass clips of danny cho as kim jong il. the fine folks at arowana films made it all happen.

everyone wants to be gucci

February 11, 2009

gucci is a classic, high-end luxury brand. most people with an eye for fashion are familiar with the green and red colors that dominate the gucci products. why does everyone and they moms want to use that look to make a mediocre product look like gucci. crooks and castles has been incorporating the gucci color scheme for quite some time now, but really, nike and puma too? i am feeling the van x crooks collabo but i gotta say the fila and nike look like crap.

vans x crooks and castles

black vans x crooks on the far left

fila x product

nike air force II premium

old xanga entry – 7/25/05

February 10, 2009

the sounds of laughter is really crying, echoing.
moving on from the past and let going.
sleeping songs wide awake and unknowing.
wake up in the night with sweat flowing.
humid and hot is the air blowing.
the bump in my heart is still growing.
based on a true story is now showing.
what you speak is not always what you be knowing.
mines left unblasted for the future destruction of bastards.
never a straight answer for the question that i asked her.
the lessons of life i have yet to master.
show the true skintone never hidden like a masked whore.
end up on the wrong side like the last four.
never ask twice when the poor got to ask more.
get your back straight you laying on the wood floor.
half eye still see all and more.

old xanga entry – 11/11/05

February 10, 2009

no less then the best can bring
the best song to sing is still not the thing
pullin out from within it was pulled thin
the sin that bring in the feeling of gin
mixed with other things making sane flowing
let go of what you knowing
actions more than word can showing
style borrowing then burrowing
head rush lowering packed brush clovering
intercept with my forehead wet
pass rush to the outrun position never set
creeping when I came crept
took down cause you hard step
passed out like you hard slept

test from iphone

February 9, 2009

testing the look and feel of an iPhone post