spam musubi

February 13, 2009

it’s been a while since i had some spam musubi’s. i’ve had spam and rice in between that time but never in the musubi form. the first time i ever had it was from L&L hawaiian BBQ so i am kind of biased to that resturant. i was driving to my screen printers shop today and i had an urge to eat a musubi so i tracked one down on my iphone. let me tell you, the iphone is so useful. anyways, i go to the spot and got 2 orders (1 order is 2 spam musubi’s for $2.75). i pop open the container so i can get my grub on and the damn things look mad skimpy… the economy really be hurting people these days. either way, they look so delicious but they were wrapped in cellophane. why they gotta make me do all this extra work to eat my damn musubi? point of the story is that they definitely hit the spot.

this is what the musubi’s looked like…they look shiny cause of the cellophane.


February 12, 2009

nothing like some good snacks to go with a few cold beers. here are some of the goodies that i had along with some budweiser tall boys. the beef jerky is a requirement and the hot fries are a bonus. something i’m sure no one has ever tried before is the beef jerky with el taurino salsa verde. i just discovered this thing of beauty last night. i bet people go to el taurino thinking the burritos are what make it so desirable but it is really the sauce that sets it off. as you can see, i got a large cup of el taurino sauce in a different container. i used the beef jerky as if they were chips and dipped it in the sauce. let me tell you, that combo is just heavenly. i think that salsa would make bull testicles taste great.

a group shot of the munchies.

here is that crack they call salsa verde, i really think they sprinkle crack on the salsa. after all, el taurino is located in a known gang/crack neighborhood.

some food ideas gone insane

February 12, 2009

i’m all about a meal to fill me up and taste great. some people have taken their culinary creativity to the next level of borderline disgusting. i’m a meat eater for sure but some of this stuff makes my stomach turn.

a sloppy joe on a krispy kreme donut?

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i know a lot of you have heard of the turducken during thanksgiving time. it’s a chicken inside of a duck which is inside of a turkey. well this here goes one better and wraps all that poultry goodness in bacon. does bacon really make everything better?

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i love my in-n-out burgers. i usually get a double-double and could possibly eat a 3×3 if i were every so hungry to try. this one here is enough to feed a full house of frat boys. introducing the in-n-out 100×100. cost looks to be about $100.00.

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