funny and nasty at the same time

February 18, 2009

here are a few flicks for your viewing pleasure. i don’t know if the poop is real but it is really sick.

hey butthead, hey beavis, heh heh heh heh heh…

looks like a fresh, hot, steamy brown pretzel…yum?

now you really don’t want to eat that pretzel i’m sure.

to all the online shopaholics

February 12, 2009

even through this “recession” and “economic downturn,” people will still go out and buy things of want and not of necessity. if you are one of these people, as i can tend to be, here is a website that has coupon code for discounts ranging from free shipping to 50% off and more. type in the website and it will search it’s database for codes. they even got discounts. enjoy kids.

retail me not

rin on the rox

February 11, 2009

these two girls here got amazing voices. they on they way to do it big. here are a couple songs but they have a bunch more singing all the hottest radio joints.

danny cho as kim jong il

February 11, 2009

here are some funny ass clips of danny cho as kim jong il. the fine folks at arowana films made it all happen.