spam musubi

February 13, 2009

it’s been a while since i had some spam musubi’s. i’ve had spam and rice in between that time but never in the musubi form. the first time i ever had it was from L&L hawaiian BBQ so i am kind of biased to that resturant. i was driving to my screen printers shop today and i had an urge to eat a musubi so i tracked one down on my iphone. let me tell you, the iphone is so useful. anyways, i go to the spot and got 2 orders (1 order is 2 spam musubi’s for $2.75). i pop¬†open the container so i can get my grub on and the damn things look mad skimpy… the economy really be hurting people these days. either way, they look so delicious but they were¬†wrapped in cellophane. why they gotta make me do all this extra work to eat my damn musubi? point of the story is that they definitely hit the spot.

this is what the musubi’s looked like…they look shiny cause of the cellophane.