rin on the rox

February 11, 2009

these two girls here got amazing voices. they on they way to do it big. here are a couple songs but they have a bunch more singing all the hottest radio joints.

danny cho as kim jong il

February 11, 2009

here are some funny ass clips of danny cho as kim jong il. the fine folks at arowana films made it all happen.

everyone wants to be gucci

February 11, 2009

gucci is a classic, high-end luxury brand. most people with an eye for fashion are familiar with the green and red colors that dominate the gucci products. why does everyone and they moms want to use that look to make a mediocre product look like gucci. crooks and castles has been incorporating the gucci color scheme for quite some time now, but really, nike and puma too? i am feeling the van x crooks collabo but i gotta say the fila and nike look like crap.

vans x crooks and castles

black vans x crooks on the far left

fila x product

nike air force II premium